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Robert Ngo is a Web (Drupal) x Mobile (React Native, Flutter and Swift) developer. He has been developing multiple webs and mobile applications for well over one-third of his life.

He spent most of his time staring at some retina screens to set websites up and run and make sure they look nice.

A few years ago, he started writing small iOS applications and has developed an additional interest in mobile development since then. He loves to combine his knowledge in web technology with mobile technology to create useful systems for clients.

Robert lives in the busy and exhilarating Montréal with his wife. Beside works, he enjoys coding, running and hiking.

Sometimes he talks at Drupal Meetup, UX Meetup, Drupal Camp, Drupal North about web and software technologies.

🧰️ Skills
  • Web: Drupal, NodeJS, ReactJS, LAMP
  • Mobile: React Native, Flutter, Swift
  • Cloud: Firebase, AWS (Amplify, Cognito, Lamda)
  • Other: Acquia, Acquia BLT, Pantheon, Azure Pipelines, Gitlab CI, Fastlane, Okta
📣 Speaks
Creating Mobile Apps Drupal and React Native
March 2020 - Midcamp - Chicago, US/online
Decoupling Drupal with Gatsby
Juin 2018 - Drupal Camp - Montréal, CA