👨‍💻 - [Part 1] - Drupal - Okta - React Native - Configuring Okta application

Setup and configuration Okta developer account
This article is still in draft version

This article is Part 1 of the series of blog post about building a React Native application backed by Drupal, authenticated via Okta

  • Part 0: introduction of the project
  • Part 1: configuring Okta application
  • Part 2: build the Drupal server
  • Part 3: build the React Native application

Okta setup

Create an Okta dev account

Create an Okta application: OpenID Connect (OIDC) is an authentication layer on top of OAuth 2.0 In Okta, OpenID Connect client, so call applications, use Authorization servers to authenticate users. When we create an organization in Okta, it already comes with default authorization server, so we only need to create an OIDC, an application, which uses that authorization server.

  1. From Okta Dashboard, click Application, then Add Application
  2. Choose Native as platform, then click Next
  3. Fill in the form: Name: SoPOC Login redirect URIs: com.sopoc:/callback (Android link? to verify) Grant type allowed: Authorization Code, Refresh Token
  4. Once done, note down the client ID and Org URL
  5. Make sure you assigned users to the app, verify in Assignments tab

[add screenshots, more explanation on login URI]