Create custom UICollectionViewCell in Swift

No matter how many times I need it, I had to go back, search for some old setup, gathering pieces of the puzzle then try to glue them together, again and again. And today is the day I tell myself to note it down, for my future absent-mind me.

Decoupling Drupal with Gatsby

Static site generators have evolved in the last few years. Names like Jekyll, Gatsby, Hexo, Hugo … has become more and more popular. They have been chosen by more developers when it comes to simple web/blog solution. They need very minimal server setup and low maintenance cost. However, writing content in Markdown is not very welcomed by most writers.

Using UIImagePickerController in Swift 3

Usually, in iOS applications, users are asked for selecting an image from their device then use it as an avatar of himself/herself throughout the app. In this article, we talk about how to configure and use UIImagePickerController in Swift 3.